Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm sure if my husband were here, he'd be able to show me how to rotate this photo of my niece&nephews, but he's not, so you'll just have to tip your head sideways...
The little one on the left is Mac (18months) who belongs to my sister Anthea, Johanna is next (8years old) and she belongs to my eldest sister Faye, then Ollie (4years old) who belongs to Anthea, and then Jeremy (6years old) who belongs to Faye. Of course they all belong to me too given that they are so cute ;) It's great to be in a family and know that you belong somewhere.

We caught up with the family on the weekend in Napier as it was my Dad's 70th birthday party...I haven't got a picture of him yet as all the ones taken had me in them looking drugged (tiredness mixed with smudged eye make-up!!). It was a rainy day, but a great day (especially for Dad I'm sure) as there were about 80 people to celebrate different aspects of his life. I can't imagine being 70years old, but if/when I get there, I hope people say about me that I lived generously, instilled a value for family and faith in Jesus in my children like Dad did for us.
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Monday, July 10, 2006
Yay, Frank and I are going to do a sweeping visit to Napier/Gisborne on the weekend. Neither of us have been to Gisborne, so any clues on what we should do there in typical tourist style? (apart from eat a pie sandwich of course). Hopefully there'll be some clear weather so we can fully appreciate the coastline (hopefully I have my geography correct and there is coastline on the drive from Napier to Gisborne?!!)

I'm very excited as we don't usually get much time together and this will probably be our last chance at a wee holiday before baby arrives in September.

:) Another thing to appreciate!
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Sunday, July 09, 2006
It's a busy time of year for good reasons...Frank and I went to a wedding yesterday of friends Di & Dale, this coming week my Dad turns 70 years old and has a celebratory lunch in Napier on Saturday, we have other friends Juanita & Neta getting married the following week and it's nice to say that life has good in it (not everyone can say life is good I realise, hence the wording of this statement). These are the types of things that are more obvious to celebrate and I do feel my soul lift in such celebrations, but it's good to also celebrate, or at least be thankful, for the small things in life.

I'm thankful for gaviscon (eases heartburn!), my church and the possibilities that there will be if we can move venue, a warm house, milo, a new flavour of Cadbury chocolate (see their desert range-mmm), internet banking, the sunshine that came through the window as I made cards this morning, my baby kicking me in the ribs, friends in more places than where I live, income, a cosy duvet, a dryer, Dr Phil, hope for the future, someone to thank for the fullness in my life.
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