Saturday, December 30, 2006

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Selah watching Baby Einstein - she looovves it!

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Monday, December 18, 2006
Jabs upper leg. Hopefully the pain of immunisations and grumpiness following are worth it!

A reflection from my week....
Pre-baby, being ready to go out = showered, dressed, teeth brushed, hair done, make-up done, fed&watered.

Post-baby, being ready to go out (or even just ready for the day)= clothes on
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Monday, December 11, 2006

Selah got very tired from trips out this week (photos less smiley, eyes a bit spacey). Most babies sleep in the car or when walking in the pram...not my girl! (at least, not consistently). I'm not going to take her out unless it's a walk with her in the front pack this week cos overtiredness is bad for a bub (and a Mum).
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Friday, December 08, 2006
I'm reading a book by Irwin McManus called "Uprising", a book kinda challenging the way we live our lives, particularly people who follow the life and times of Jesus Christ...
I also watched a must-see movie called "The Constant Gardener" the other night and it's been rattling my brain. I find it hard to spend money after watching something like that- I drink chocolate milk, water a plant my husband had delivered to me for our anniversary, shower daily, tip water down the drain that tastes a day old...when millions of people just want some clean water to avoid dying of dehydration.

Annnnyway, there's one great sentence in "Uprising" that has me thinking (there are many but this is a favourite): "We want to feel good about ourselves more than we want ourselves to become good".
A 'Western' world problem perhaps more than anywhere else -maybe because we have little issue of simply surviving? Maybe this idea of self-esteem and feeling good about ourselves is overrated. I think it's really important to know who you are, and the bible does talk about loving neighbour as yourself...however I don't know that the two are in an order but have to come together. Are people living like 'when I feel better about myself, then I'll do such and such'? I do think it's possible to love your neighbour without loving yourself (overcommiting yourself, allowing yourself to be mis-used or abused by people) but maybe we are too focused on ourselves and feeling good about ourselves -or just feeling good in the sense of happiness from pleasure. There's always things we can do to simplify our lives to help others and become more good (I know that's not proper English but hey, it's Friday and I have a baby). I want/need to be more good that's for sure.

A random thought, why do we call it 'Western' world when we don't go around talking about 'Eastern', 'Southern' or 'Northern' world?
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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Selah is growing up, but doesn't seem to be growing out -we'll see at her Plunket weigh in on Thursday! she's enjoying looking down at her feet as I hold her standing upright and pushing off...I wonder if she realises her feet belong to her. She blows bubbles on her lips and is getting more dribbly. Selah looks in the mirror and smiles at the baby, smiles at her Mum, then cries cos there's another baby with her Mum...
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