Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm still sick with a cold/flu (now 4 1/2 weeks of it) and I'm sick of being sick! Frank got a headcold over the weekend too. Hopefully Selah stays clear and this winter is over in a hurry.

Selah continues to get more confident with 'talking' and sometimes chatters away in her cot avoiding sleep. She's also getting more confident with standing and walking holding onto things (e.g. pushing the recycling box along the kitchen).

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Friday, July 20, 2007

5 little ducks went swimming one day...over the hills and far away. Mother duck said "quack quack come back and 4 little ducks came back". Where did the duck go? I sing that to Selah 4 little ducks came back, 3, 2, 1, no ducks came back but I don't know if I'm missing a verse or they all got caught in shooting season?? Maybe they made their own family ;)
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
My goodness I've been sick for a few weeks now...firstly with a flu virus, then gradually better before Selah got sick with a fever last Monday. By the time her sickness revealed itself (throat infection) and her fever broke a week later I was massively sleep deprived and got sick we're both on antibiotics and gradually on the mend (though Frank is now sick too). Add to this a power cut on an already bad day, vomit everywhere, someone backed into our car and drove off (if if was you, let us know and our insurance companies can sort out the payment) -those extra things you can do without. I felt so much like crawling under a rock and Frank & I wondered how others cope with more children or worse illness. We came to the conclusion that they probably don't cope, we just don't often talk about it! I hate the word 'cope' anyway. I don't know really what it looks like to cope or not.
Anyway, another day dawns and my cute and happy Selah is back in town!

These are a few photos of the last couple of weeks. I didn't take many when she was sick for obvious reasons.
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Monday, July 02, 2007
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Working isn't so bad after all...I do miss Selah but she doesn't cry when Frank drops her off at homebased care and she apparently laughs as the other 2 boys run around so I know she's happy. She has a great bond with the carer and will be learning different things that I can't teach her yet (especially about how to get on with older boys!). It's nice to get some headspace from nappies and to get some perspective on how other Mums cope. As my job is with children, I do get to see Mums with their babies&children and some are managing superbly despite so many pressures (think unwell children in hospital alot, autism and tantrums). And then of course there's the income that will allow us to do more than make ends meet.

I am currently unwell with a fluey virus thing that is doing the rounds. Thank goodness Selah only has had a runny nose-I had ear pain so bad that I woke up from sleep in the middle of the night with tears down my cheeks. Huge thanks again to Frank for taking over caring for Selah so I could sleep in the day on the weekend-again I have no idea how people cope without a partner. I don't make a great patient (getting up to do things to help out) but it's particularly difficult to think only of oneself when there is a dependant that you're attached to (and vice versa).

We're halfway through the year and I always feel a bit more sunshiney on the inside when we're working our way up to spring (my favourite season) and summer (warmer weather). I just need to get a haircut and dye it a warmer shade from grey and then I'll be sunshiney on the outside too.
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