Sunday, August 26, 2007
Selah cuddles into Mum.
Almost ready to let go. She's taken one step out 3x, but not yet ready to go without support.

Our health is slowly on the improve. We still need to get over coughs but generally we're much better than last week!
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Monday, August 20, 2007
Selah standing and holding Big Bird. She stands for 30seconds by herself to play and balances pretty well. She loves to walk behind a trolley (I might put up a vid of this later on)
Selah at 9weeks old looking at Big bird! What a difference 8months makes!
Selah dressed for a wedding party. Poor thing was a bit miserable with an immunisation shot last Saturday so she didn't much feel like dressing up but oh well!

Sometimes I look forward to the time when Selah will say words, be able to tell me what hurts; to the time when Selah will independently go to the toilet, and be happy at school...but it's nice to also look back and see how much she has grown and developed. Not a bad thing for me to do as an adult. Sometimes I look forward to my next holiday, to summer...looking back seeing that I have grown and developed since having Selah e.g. knowledge, skills- that's a good thing too.

Selah has had a vomitting bug on the weekend that hit the coffee group hard. She's picking up again but I'm looking forward to the time when we are all well for at least a week. Now that's definitely something to look forward to!
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Selah is well again, though still a bit grizzly after her immunisation shot yesterday...I'm feeling way better but still a bit congested and coughing like a smoker. Life is getting rosier with the sunshine and us starting to get better-it's been a long hard winter and we're looking forward to spring that's for sure.
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Sunday, August 05, 2007
Loves marmite crackers...

While Selah has a halo in this shot, she hasn't been an angel - only because of being sick with a cold however (and possibly teething???) I got sick again this weekend following Selah getting sick Wednesday evening and so the cycle of illness continues. Ahhh, maybe I could write some devotions and be famous like John Donne (though they suspected he had bubonic plague so I'm not quite that bad ;))...
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