Sunday, December 30, 2007
Happy Christmas, end of 2007, and New Year!

I didn't really dream of a white Christmas as I enjoy the warmer weather...but I had
a white Christmas when I put a dishwasher cleaner in the dishwasher and ended up with ALOT of white foam on the floor. It took close to a couple of hours to get rid of it and my hands ended up a bit white too! Another white moment was when I went white when Selah stood up in the white bucket (below) that I was swinging her in...she lost her balance and fell on the floor. Luckily it was carpeted floor, not too high, nothing was under her and she hit the side of her head rather than the front or head first. I didn't get to make shortbread, my traditional it-feels-like-Christmas food as I didn't realise we were out of cornflour in time (also white) and that was my plan on the evening of the white foam.
Nappies are white too -there's been a few of those this season too, but that's enough of white things.
We had a quiet Christmas at home in Auckland this year with Frank and his Mum, Selah and me. We will probably have a quiet New Year's as well given that babies don't let you sleep in the next day, but I'm enjoying a break from work, and Frank being around too! I don't have plans or goals for 2008 apart from getting to Nelson to see my friend Sally, putting Selah in care for an extra half day so I'm working half-time without trying to do some hours while she's asleep, and reading more! I'm looking forward to Selah talking more and growing more hair, and desperately looking forward to Grey's Anatomy coming back on!
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Sunday, December 16, 2007
Selah enjoys a marmite cracker outside at Great Aunty and Great Uncle's house in Cambridge.

Selah enjoys a taste of Mum's spirulina drink (there's actually not much in there despite a very green bottle!)

Cousin Ollie gets a kiss

One of Selah's favourite pasttimes - pegs usually are found everywhere!

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