Thursday, July 31, 2008
22months old (2yrs old around the corner!)

Selah has a cold today - hopefully it won't turn into an ear infection this time. She is teething her 2nd back molars so once these are through it'll be ages before she gets anymore.
Not the best photos but Selah was more intent on the cooking than the 'damwa' this time...
We're cooking self-saucing lemon pudding - delish! Frank put the recipe in neice Johanna's recipe book. We'll be sending it on to Grandy&Nan soon for their additions.

Selah playing:

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Sunday, July 20, 2008
Mum knitted a purple thick jersey for me that I don’t want to get rid of because Mum knitted it for me... but it has an obvious run in one of the stitches and is usually too hot to wear. Also wearing wool at the moment is annoying as Selah gets me all mucky so I'd rather wear easy to wash clothes! I’d like to undo it and make hats/mittens for Selah (should make a few as she gets older!) but I can’t remember how to make the wool straight again. Tips please!
I’m guessing unravel the jersey then do a wool wash (in a pillowcase so it doesn’t tangle?) dry – then roll up into a ball? I seem to remember Mum using my arms stretched out and winding wool around them but I can’t remember why…
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Sunday, July 13, 2008
Selah chilling on her seat. She is enjoying pretend play, e.g. making lunch/cups of tea, giving baby a bath, dressing up, pretending to seepies (sleep). She is well behaved on the whole and big ups to Diane Levy for her book on time out to help on the not so good moments.
We're looking forward to Melissa&Jacob's arrival e.t.a. early August and I'm sure Selah will drive me nuts asking 'where's baby?'.

Selah chasing me around (slower crawling but still fun). I instituted chasing with 'ssss' as a snake rather than 'raaa' from a lion as it's a bit quieter and easier on the throat.

Big smiles from my happy girl! She's doing so well with her talking and development. She loves to jump around and copy what we say. My favourite things she says at the moment "I hold it", "that's the way" "this is a ___", "a,b,c,d", "ba you" (copying love you).

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