Monday, February 11, 2008

There is a toy baby hidden in the pram under all the animals and balls!

Selah will get grommets in two weeks - I'm sure it will be a good move prior to winter, but with stats of 1:200,000 people dying under general anaesthetic (which seems high to me?!), I'm definitely going to be praying that Selah is one of the 199,999 that is fine.

I start a speech group this week that will run for one term- parents will bring their 3 1/2-5yr old children who have difficulty with saying 's' and I'll try and help them as a group (with some individual time). I've taken a stuttering group with pre-schoolers before and that was enjoyable. Something about this group makes me more nervous, but the worst that can happen is that I make absolutely no difference and waste people's time vs harming anyone!

Instead of spending brain time thinking of my nervousness, I will try and think positively on other things. Hmmm. Today I'm thankful for the car passing it's WOF, a mechanic friend fixing up the wagon without charging for time, sales on children's clothes, Selah being well-natured enough to chill while I shop (today), noodles, Grey's Anatomy, my husband who looked after Selah while I went out by myself yesterday, and toothpaste.
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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

These photos were taken by my lovely friend Brooke when Selah was 15months old. She's now almost 17months old.

We're off to the ENT specialist tomorrow to see about grommets for Selah as she's had repeated ear infections.
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