Monday, April 21, 2008
Selah dresses up and Daddy tries to make her gangsta...
Selah sat here intently reading 'Baby and Toddler' for 20minutes!

Selah cosy and warm ready for bed. She's holding a small bottle that is her 'comfort toy' - no need for teddy bears for her!

We had a lovely time in Nelson on holiday for a week, coloured by hefty sleep deprivation (hard for Selah to settle in a different place, combined with daylight savings and sharing a room). The highlights were the beach, a zoo animal shelter type place, Carcassonne and for Selah 'baby' and 'meow'.

Selah since returned home and went into her big girl bed. She generally pops out of bed once in the afternoon before going to sleep, but is pretty regularly staying in bed first time at night. It took 2 weeks to get back to sleeping at night with daylight savings, being in Nelson and in her new bed, AND a virus/fever/rash that has bugged her for a week. I don't know how people do it without a supportive partner and with more children.

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