Monday, June 30, 2008
Cousin Mark stops in Auckland on his way to South America. Selah on the move
Selah a year ago...

We've all been a bit sick here - apart from Selah (wrists are touching the wood as I type - I should have my hands up I know it's not ergonomic but hey, my body is tired).

I'm on my first lot of antibiotics for the year (if memory serves correctly) so I'm hoping that there aren't too many doses through the winter. The weather has been terrible here so we haven't had much outside time, but Selah's attention span is increasing so we can engage in play for longer and actually do helpful things together like baking and putting washing on the inside line. She is sleeping less than I'd like, but enough to give her maximum energy as toddlers seem to have to keep busy...I think she's teething her second lot of back molars but until something shows there it's hard to know.

I'm sitting my first Te Reo exam for work in a couple of weeks. It's my first exam since Uni about 9 years ago and I don't get the kind of time to practice or study as I might without a poppet so it's extra anxiety-producing.
I've been helping write some session plans for Mercy Ministries, thanks to Aiden Holliday from VLC I learned alot about such things as VAK learning styles, multiple intelligences, Johari window and other things that have been useful to develop some teaching material. It's been a bit pressured to get things done in Selah's limited sleep times, but something that I really want to be doing so worth the effort.
Must go and do a few other things before my girl wakes from her day nap...
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