Monday, April 27, 2009

Selah loved her holiday and her Jo and Jermy and their rabbit marmalade.

There is great space to hide from the Daddy monster at Aunty Faye's house...

I went away this weekend and left Selah with Frank for the first time (overnight-2nights). I was very tense and nervous on the Friday of leaving but knew it would be good for all of us. I enjoyed chatting with girlfriends about life, lying in bed after 7am, finishing a meal and staying seated! It's the small things!
I was interested to see upon my return, that Selah had stepped up a notch in independence - she got out of the bath, dried herself, put on her jammies and buttoned up the front (one two miss a few!) and helped unload the dishwasher. She did her own make-up and hair this morning even (resulting in eyebrows on her cheek!)
Here's a clip of Selah being teacher to Emily singing 'row row row your boat' gengen down the street'.
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