Sunday, October 18, 2009

Selah using her imagination...
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Selah has mastered the mouse and thanks to Elmo, can click and drag and create drawings and such without Mum's help. Yay! Next touch typing and she can update this blog herself seeing as I'm getting slacker ;)

I'm taking Selah for an allergy test tomorrow. She seems to have hayfever (sore eyes, runny nose, general malaise) and antihistamines definitely work to lessen all of these, but I want to know what it is she's allergic to to see if we can desensitise her or make sure she's on the right antihistamine and right dose to make life more enjoyable. Poor sausage 3rd day without antihistamine today and her nose is red and raw from wiping her streaming nose. She had an unsettled night last night so I can't wait to give her more antihistamine tomorrow after the test!

Some sad news from TEAR Fund yesterday that our sponsor girl April and her community were affected by the second typhoon that hit the Philipines. It makes it alot closer to home in a sense -you can see tragedy when you hear it on the news, but it makes it all the more personal because our April is possibly going hungry and scared with her family.
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