Tuesday, January 06, 2009
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Selah loves to do things 'bow self'...here she has on 4 t-shirts and 15 bibs. She did get a bit of help to do this however.

Summer has brought some challenges of late - sleeping on holiday (early starts = grumpy girl), fireworks in Onehunga (terrified 2year old = grumpy girl) and heat (=grumpy girl) and 2year old = grumpy girl. Tiring! She has been developing some further loveliness of late however as she enjoys praying and saying grace (or having others do this for her), talking about how she will say 'help me Jesus' if there are 'bangers' that scare her (i.e. fireworks) and loving on her toys (showering them, putting them to bed etc.). We have had fun trips with Daddy to the domain, beach, zoo etc. and are sad that he's back at work again.
I'm definitely relishing today with Selah back in care and me at home sorting out jobs that I don't get around to with a toddler in tow.

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