Saturday, February 21, 2009

Selah has been successful for almost a week of no accidents in big girl undies and it's very exciting for a first time Mum to have my girl gain independence :)

Selah is starting to enjoy dressing up more, manicures and the like. Here she is 'posing' without being asked to. Inate? Magazines? I'm not sure what that is.
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Sunday, February 08, 2009
Selah has been a delight of late - I don't want to speak too soon though!...whether the two-year old battles are over (I doubt) or the heat of the night and back to routine aspects of life have helped I'm not sure. She's been listening well usually and saying 'don't be mad Mum' if she's thinking of doing something she thinks might not be quite right. It's lovely to see some self-control developing. I say' some' for obvious reasons...
Hard not to laugh :)
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Sunday, February 01, 2009
We had Auckland Anniversary Weekend away at the Mellar's farm. Selah and the cat got on splendidly for the most part but a scratch and bite didn't put Selah off going back for more tries at putting her head on Socks' tummy. Poor Socks. Selah kept asking for 'sock' (after all there was only one cat).
We found out Selah gets hayfever. Poor Selah (and Frank who got it badly too). Although, I have a cold this week so it might have been that I caught a cold off her...Although she was better once we were back in Auckland...who knows.

Selah had a try of David's drums and every now and again held a beat. She also loved Jess showing her the hens and carrying the eggs inside.

My favourite things at the farm were the QUIET (no noisy neighbours, no constant noise of traffic/cicadas), reading in the quiet (Chris had some mags that I enjoyed there), and sleeping in the quiet (at least until 6am...). Did I mention it was quiet? It was great to catch up with the Mellars and Moetaras too obviously and chat over a steak. Jess was a lovely friend for Selah and made yummy French Toast for everyone.

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