Monday, March 23, 2009
We had a fun weekend with a lunch party for Anthea (40th) in Hamilton on Saturday, and a coffee group outing to the beach/park at St Helier's bay on Sunday...the dampener was when at bedtime on Sunday night, 'baby Emily' was nowhere to be found (not the real baby Emily)...was she in the car? no! Oh no! She must be at the park. Neither Frank nor I could remember specifically seeing baby go into the home bag or coming out of the bag, or seeing her in the house on our return.
Selah was happy enough to go to bed with cat because she reasoned 'baby not at the beach, she must be in the car' (as Daddy was at work so we'd be able to fetch her when he was home'). Cat didn't cut it at 3.30am and 5am when she wanted me to 'find baby' and I said we would find her in the morning (i.e. I was hoping beyond hope that farmers still sells that type of baby 19 months later!)...
Selah woke with a real desperately sad grieving cry that I've never heard before and she was very hard to soothe. I found it very heartbreaking.
On our preparations for getting ready to go to Farmers, Selah exclaims 'there's my baby' pointing into the pantry behind the lasagne...she had been a little ninja and snuck her in there while I was getting something out for dinner. I remember saying 'don't get that out' (as in the lasagne) but I hadn't realised she'd actually put something in...
So we were all very very relieved and Selah is now happily sleeping with baby after baby's trip to Daddy's work and the zoo.
My heart was sore with my 2 1/2 year old losing a $10 doll...what on earth will it feel like if she is bullied or has a break-up or something else? I can't imagine how that weighs on a parent.
Kia kaha parents!
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