Saturday, February 27, 2010
Selah loves life and experiencing day to day things with her is great as as an adult because the simplest of things are amazing. I stopped working outside today to take her a black and yellow ladybug (which is now in her bug collector and is named 'Helen'). I lay with her this afternoon and drew a mermaid a merman, a mermaid baby, a mermaid sister and a mermaid brother. If I didn't have her I wouldn't have noticed the bug apart from sweeping it off me probably, and I definitely wouldn't have been colouring in!

Selah predicted before we went to the Chinese New Year celebrations that she would see dragons and have candyfloss. I don't know what would have happened if those didn't eventuate, but thankfully we saw dragons perform and she spotted candyfloss on our way out. I remember Dad buying me candyfloss at a circus that came to Foxton. I hope Selah remembers these good bits of growing up too!

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